Hand & Facial Veins

When vein issues aren’t out of sight, they’re hard to keep out of mind. Although veins on the hands or face are not a health issue, enlarged veins in these areas can sometimes just be downright annoying. At Advanced Vein Center, we have a variety of minimally invasive options to deal with unsightly hand and facial veins.

Hand Veins

To maintain a youthful appearance, more and more people are looking to improve the appearance of their hands. When the veins in the hand bulge, sometimes women request treatment because they find these tortuous, dilated veins to be “masculine” appearing.

Why do hand veins become more visible with age?

As the years pass, the fatty tissue on the back of the hands diminishes, and the skin becomes more elastic, causing the veins to look ropy and swollen. For this reason, some say that to discover someone’s true age, all you need to do is look at a person’s hands!

What options do I have for removal of bulging hand veins?

A very simple and comfortable treatment option is transilluminated foam sclerotherapy. Using a special device, we visualize the problem veins and, using a tiny needle, we administer a gentle, yet highly effective foam medicine into the vein. The sclerosing medicine causes the walls of the vein to collapse and the vein is absorbed through the body’s natural healing process. A special hand garment is placed, and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

Are these treatments covered by insurance?

No. Hand veins, no matter how big, are not diseased vessels; they are simply more visible because of the normal aging process. They are treated only for cosmetic benefit. If your hand veins do not bother you, there is no need to treat them. However, although it is a cosmetic procedure, our professionals pay attention to your medical history and individual needs while also focusing on optimal results.

Why do people choose Advanced Vein Center for treatment of hand veins?

Because this is a specialized treatment, many people look to Advanced Vein Center because of our experience and training. Many vein clinics have opened recently, or only treat veins as a sideline procedure. In contrast, our practice has been dedicated exclusively to vein care for more than a decade. We understand not only what hand veins can be treated, but more importantly, which ones should not. Furthermore, we treat veins on all parts of the body and have several different treatment options available, for the most individualized treatment.

Hand therapy, although simple and straightforward for experienced professionals, requires a thorough evaluation in order to perform the treatment safely and effectively. Our professionals perform your procedure with care and precision, with a focus on obtaining optimal results.

How painful is the procedure?

Our skill and experience make the recovery quick and keep the procedure comfortable. There is some temporary swelling after the treatment, but this is controlled with a special hand garment. We follow up with our patients in a week, and the treatment is typically complete in two short office visits. You can drive home after treatments and resume your normal activities immediately.

How satisfied are your patients?

We are pleased to say: Very! Most patients have been thrilled not only with the dramatic improvement in their appearance, but also with how simple the process is. Although everyone is an individual, most notice results in a week or two. Our skill with hand sclerotherapy provides a quick, easy and virtually painless way to achieve younger, more feminine-looking hands.

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Facial Veins

Veins on the face come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny, bright red spider veins on the nose, to the ruddy red cheeks of rosacea patients, there are a multitude of different facial veins. For those looking to improve their complexion and get rid of these unwanted facial blemishes, Advanced Vein Center provides safe and effective treatments for these common conditions.  Of note, although dilated blue-green veins around the eyes can be a cosmetic nuisance, we do not currently treat these veins.

Multiple treatment options — optimal results

If you had a thumbtack, you probably wouldn’t need a sledgehammer to push it in. Likewise, if you had to drive a large nail into concrete, a toy hammer just wouldn’t cut it. Why then should a patient be provided only one option for facial veins? Some offices have a single laser and may try to treat everyone who comes in the door with the same machine.

At Advanced Vein Center, we don’t ascribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. For best results, the skin type, skin color and vein depth all need to be considered. For this reason, we treat not only with vascular lasers, but also perform radiosurgery and sclerotherapy.  Our multiple options allow us to tailor treatments and optimize results.

Our sister practice, Advanced Skin and Laser performs state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, Juvederm and dermal fillers, in a comfortable and professional environment.  To perform these techniques, Advanced Skin and Laser is staffed with a group of knowledgeable and caring professionals, whose single focus is excellence in patient care.  We use the latest in modern technology to provide excellent results without the downtime or expense of traditional surgery.  If you are interested in treatment of facial wrinkles, with Botox or fillers, call (480) 844-8346 or (480) 844-7546 to arrange your consult with our friendly staff. 

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