Hand, Chest and Facial Veins

When vein issues aren’t out of sight, they’re hard to keep out of mind. Although veins on the hands, chest or face are not a health issue, enlarged veins in these areas can sometimes be downright annoying. At Advanced Vein Center, we have minimally invasive options to deal with these unsightly veins.

Hand Veins

To maintain a youthful appearance, more and more people are looking to improve the appearance of their hands. When hand veins bulge, these tortuous, dilated veins can make the hands appear older or less attractive. Sometimes women request treatment because they find these veins to be “masculine” appearing.

Why do hand veins become more visible with age?

As we age, the fatty tissue on the back of the hands diminishes, and the skin becomes more elastic, causing the veins to look ropy and swollen. For this reason, some say that to discover someone’s true age, all you need to do is look at a person’s hands!

What options do I have for removal of bulging hand veins?

A very simple and comfortable treatment option is transilluminated foam sclerotherapy. Using a special device, we visualize the problem veins and, using a tiny needle, we administer a gentle, yet highly effective foam medicine into the vein. The sclerosing medicine causes the walls of the vein to collapse and the vein is absorbed through the body’s natural healing process. A special hand garment is placed, and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

How painful is the procedure?

Our skill and experience make the recovery quick and keep the procedure comfortable. There can be some temporary swelling after the treatment, but this is controlled with the compression garment. Treatment is usually completed in two to three short visits. You can drive yourself home and go about your normal routine.

How satisfied are your patients?

We are pleased to say: very! Most patients are thrilled not only with the dramatic improvement in their appearance, but also with how simple the process is. Although everyone is an individual, most notice results in a few weeks. Our skill with hand sclerotherapy provides a quick and easy way to achieve younger, more feminine-looking hands.


Chest Veins

Similar to hands veins, dilated blue veins can develop underneath the skin of the chest and breasts. As we age, our skin “thins,” and these veins become more noticeable. Breast augmentation and nursing can cause these veins to abruptly engorge.

Treatment of chest veins

Just as with the hands, foam sclerotherapy is an excellent option for chest veins. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and there is no downtime. Chest veins respond rapidly to the foam injections, and results are achieved in one to two visits.

chest veins

Facial and Nasal Veins

Veins on the face come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny, bright red spider veins on the nose to ruddy red cheeks, there a multitude of different facial veins. For those looking to improve their complexion and get rid of these facial blemishes, we utilize a special radiofrequency device, which rapidly clears these pesky veins with safety and precision.

Facial and Nasal Veins

Effective treatments — optimal results

We employ the proven Ellman Radio Frequency Unit for the removal of facial spider veins. This device delivers high frequency radio waves at a very low temperature. The radio waves are transmitted along a tiny wire that is inserted into the vein. The vessel shrinks with minimal effects to the surrounding tissue. Minor bruising typically disappears in a few days and visible results are often seen immediately after the treatment! After a few treatments, broken capillaries lighten, and you can enjoy clearer, healthier looking skin.

Why choose Advanced Vein Center for hand, chest and facial veins?

Because these are specialized treatments, experience and training is paramount. Many vein clinics have opened recently, or only treat veins as a sideline procedure. In contrast, our practice has been dedicated exclusively to vein care for over two decades. We understand not only what veins can be treated, but also which ones should not. Furthermore, we treat veins on all parts of the body and provide individualized treatments, with several different treatment options available. Our professionals perform your procedure with care and precision, with a focus on obtaining optimal results.

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