Transilluminated Sclerotherapy

Spider veins rarely arise spontaneously; they are often branches of deeper varicose veins. In order to obtain better, longer lasting results, it’s important to first locate and treat those difficult-to-see veins, which feed the spider veins. Dr. Osorio uses an advanced device called a Veinlite® to locate these hard-to-find veins. The Veinlite transilluminates the skin, making it translucent so that reticular veins are more readily seen. Sclerotherapy is then used to eliminate these feeding reticular veins, thereby making the treatment of the overlying spider veins more complete and effective.

During your initial exam, we will use this special device to show you any internal varicose veins or reticular veins that may be the root of unsightly superficial spider veins.

AVC TransilluminatedSclerotherapy VEINLITE


Does it hurt and are there side effects?

Our skill and experience in performing vein treatments keep discomfort low. Side effects are possible with any procedure or medication, but compared to traditional hospital surgery, serious side effects are rare with our advanced techniques.

Do the veins ever come back?

After completing treatments, patients can enjoy healthier, more attractive, pain-free legs. The treated veins do not come back, but because varicose and spider veins are a chronic condition, no treatment — not even surgery — can definitively stop new veins from forming in the future. However, if the initial treatment is thorough, any new veins tend to be less severe and are more easily dealt with. Simple, periodic touch-up treatments can help you enjoy your life free from problematic veins.

Have you had poor results with spider vein treatment in the past? You might have unseen, deeper varicose veins, which are the true root of your problem. To meet with one of our professionals and be examined with our advanced Veinlite device, schedule your appointment today — 480-844-VEIN (8346).