Payment Information

Above all else, we are committed to providing you with expert medical care. But because it is so important to your health to eliminate varicose veins, we try our best to never let cost stand in the way. Our goal is to minimize your out-of-pocket expense. And, though we’d like to offer a list of fees, each person's situation is unique; a vein condition that looks complicated can on occasion be easily treated but the reverse can be true as well.

For this reason, during your initial consultation, we will do a careful examination and create an accurate treatment plan. The good news is that our fees are only a fraction of that of traditional surgery, and treatments are covered by most insurance plans. The majority of treatment costs are usually paid by your insurance.

We accept Medicare assignment and are an in-network provider for most major insurance plans. In today’s changing environment, insurance issues can be complex. For the assistance of our patients, we have full-time, in-office insurance specialists who can sort through insurance issues, file all your paperwork and obtain treatment authorizations for you.

We provide state-of-the-art treatment for hemorrhoids and varicose veins. However, some insurance plans will only pay for invasive operations or have closed panels. Because of this, we are not a provider for certain insurance plans.

If you belong to a non-contracted insurance plan or do not have health insurance, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the tremendous benefits of our nonsurgical treatment. We offer special discounts and have zero-interest payment plans to make treatments fit any budget. Our goal is to make our modern treatments available to all who need it.

If you have insurance or payment questions, call 480-844-VEIN (8346) to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.


Spider Veins

Because spider veins do not affect your health, they are not covered by insurance. However, treatment of spider veins is reasonably priced, and zero-interest payment plans make treatments even easier to afford.

Call 480-844-VEIN (8346) for your complete spider vein evaluation.

On occasion, spider veins are connected to internal varicose veins, which may be covered by insurance if they cause pain or swelling. See our section on spider veins for more information.