Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy

This advanced technique is utilized to eliminate large varicose veins, which previously required surgery. The key to this treatment is to use ultrasound to locate the damaged, deeper veins that pressure the varicose veins on the surface. Once the root of the problem is identified, duplex ultrasound is used to accurately guide injections of a special medication into these leaking veins, causing them to safely collapse and close. The diseased veins dry up and are gradually absorbed through the body’s natural healing response.

Does it hurt and are there side effects?

Our skill and experience keep the discomfort from treatments low. Temporary bruising is the most frequent side effect. Serious side effects are possible with any procedure or medication, but compared to traditional hospital surgery for veins, serious side effects are rare with our advanced techniques.

Do the veins ever come back?

After completing treatment, patients can enjoy healthier, more attractive, pain-free legs. The treated veins do not come back, but because varicose vein disease is a chronic condition, no treatment — not even surgery — can stop new veins from forming in the future. However, because our initial treatment is so thorough, any new veins tend to be less severe and are more easily dealt with. Periodic touch-up treatments can help you enjoy your life free from problem veins.

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